Henderson Chevrolet – 2016 Dealer of the Year


Alan Batey
hi I’m Alan Batey I’m the president of general motors here in North America.
I’m here today at Henderson Chevrolet in Las Vegas. To present the dealer of the Year
Award let me just give a little bit of perspective. Chevrolet was in 2015 the
fastest growing brand in the US so for Henderson Chevrolet to achieve this ward says a
lot about the way they are leading the way. Both in sales but also in customer

Steve Hill
I’m Steve Hill with Chevrolet and General Motors and we’re here to
recognize that Henderson Chevrolet team. As Alan just said this is a very
prestigious award it’s called the Chevrolet dealer the year to give you a
little background on that we have three thousand dealers across the country we
only award 50 dealers a year this award it is an amazing accomplishment to even
do once however this team right here in Henderson has won this award six times

Greg Heinrich
you know the dealers the Year award that was presented today by Steve Hill and by
Alan Batey really should be the dealership of the year to achieve this
award you have to have a great team of team members on your team and here at
Henderson Chevrolet we have that we have a hundred and fifty-five dedicated
co-workers that really believe in that concept of taking care of the customer first and that’s what’s made it possible for us today to win this award that was presented so really is more the dealership the year not the dealer the year to win this award six years
consecutively is a big thing to us we said in our goal meeting every year one of our goals is the subjective and that is to make
dealer the year as was stated there are only fifty years awarded and there’s
actually over 3,000 dealers so really you’re in the top 2% and it’s not
just in sales and customer satisfaction it’s in service it’s also in parts so you have to be effective in all disciplines within the
dealership and and our team here at Henderson Chevrolet fires on all eight cylinders and were able to do that so the real credit to our team one that I’m very proud of one I’m very thankful for and it’s great to win this award here
and 2015 thank you

Alan Batey
so to the whole team that here today Greg congratulations
awesome and thank you for everything you do

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