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Greg Heinrich’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

What would you do with a real SS 454 ’70 Chevelle? Greg Heinrich gave his the full Pro Touring makeover?

Lock your doors. A lynch mob of angry purists is about to descend on Las Vegas. That’s where you’ll find a real ’70 SS 454 Chevelle that’s been stripped of its LS6 big-block for a Gen IV LSA small-block. Never mind that the supercharged LSA’s 556 net horsepower trounces the LS6’s 450 gross horsepower, this is automotive sacrilege at its best. The Chevelle’s floppy chassis and factory F41 suspension are also long gone, replaced by an Ironworks custom frame and an all-aluminum C6 Corvette suspension. Nevertheless, while tossing aside the heritage and mystique of the legendary SS 454 Chevelle for not-so-legendary modern technology seems like hot rodding blasphemy, it’s exactly why we like it so much.

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