Best Phone Mounts

There are lots of phone mounts for your car out there, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice. To get you started in the right direction, here is a list of some of the best smartphone holders around.

Mpow CD slot phone holder – $9.99 (price varies)

Does your car still have a CD player that’s not in use? Then it’s time to start using it as a phone holder. Mpow CD slot phone holder has 3 side grips that hold your phone tightly and can be adjusted to your preference. The downside is that the buttons on your radio or your heating and cooling vents could be blocked.

Mpow windshield long arm – $9.99 (price varies)

A windshield smartphone holder helps keep your eyes on the road. It has 360° rotation and includes an anti-skid base. The only downside is that windshield smartphone holders aren’t always legal. According to there are 21 states that deem it illegal to mount one up.

Mpow dashboard phone holder – $9.99 (price varies)

One of the most popular phone mounts among rideshare drivers and commuters. The dashboard phone mount is placed on top of the infotainment console, and makes it easy for drivers to keep their eye on the road. The downside is that in hot weather the suction cup can get loose and fall.

Macally tablet and phone cup holder – $29.99 (price varies)

If you ever wanted a 10″ screen display in your ride, then this could be a possible solution. It sits right in your cup holder and has a flexible neck that can be moved from the passenger to the driver. While it may give you the feeling of having a fancy infotainment system, it does force you to look down when you need to look at the screen.

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