6 car accessories you need for your ride

Your vehicle is an important part of daily life. We created a list of 6 must-have car accessories to help make the daily commute more comfortable and help prepare you for the unpredictable.

Portable battery jump starter – starting at $29.99

Cables are great too, but what happens if no one is around to give you the jolt you need?

Dash cam – starting at $24.99

The perfect eyewitness to any accident. Will back you up in court.

OBD2 reader – starting at $49

Your ride will never tell you how it’s feeling, but a monitor can help determine its condition.

Emergency glass breaker – starting at $9

This piece of equipment can break glass in the event of an emergency.

Car air purifier – Starting at $14.99

Cleaning the air around you is a must especially if you have children or pets!

USB car chargers – Starting at $0.99

An essential bit of kit that keeps your devices charged and helps you stay connected.

What accessories do you carry in your car?

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